Past Life Regression

Regression therapy can explore the Present Life, a Past Life or the Life Between Lives.

Regression has enchanted those that are curious, for centuries and it is especially fascinating to me. Clients can explore issues that are causing them concern, uncover a talent or calling, explore a time that is relevant to a block in one’s present, release energetic binds, and safely let go of negativity.

You can access soul memory, find out what lessons one hoped to learn or peer into the future. The possibilities are endless and nothing is set in stone.

In order to gain maximum benefit I encourage the client to be clear about their intent before commencing.

Even if you do not believe in past lives, you can find a metaphor in what you experience.

Session are up to 2 hours long.

1-1 or groups sessions available.

Sessions available on-line or in person.

Please contact me for more details on 0131 513 9530 or fill out the
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*Results vary from individual to individual.

past life regression iona russell


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