WOW! After suffering from a blocked, painful and deaf ear resulting from that ghastly 'flu that's flooring everyone, I had just about resigned myself to partialhearing. No more. I saw Iona yesterday and she casually suggested a simple release for the surrounding nerves and fascia. This morning, it's almost completely gone and feels better and more 'mine' than it has in months and months. My head feels clearer too. Unblock the body, unblock the mind! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't experienced. Well done and thank you Iona!

Sophie Elizabeth Dent



Had a great treatment from Iona yesterday. Never had KCR before, found it intriguing and relaxing. Thanks Iona Russell.

Cecilia Russell‎

Really don't know what to say!


I’ve just finished my 10 sessions with Iona and I really don’t know what to say! I will admit I was a bit sceptical of the whole Life Coaching thing until I spoke to Iona for the first time and I knew straight away that whatever the result, I was going to benefit from having her in my life. And that’s an understatement. For years I’ve felt like something was missing and now I know that what was missing was ME! It feels so good to recognise myself and discover facets of my personality I either thought I’d lost or never knew were there. It’s hard to describe exactly what Iona does but it shows you the best person you can be - but from the inside. People who know me well have noticed a huge change in my outlook, positivity and ability to let things go after giving them the appropriate amount of attention. Also that I’m giving advice more freely and more confidently, and for my part I don’t get offended or upset anymore if people choose not to listen. I could write an essay on what Iona has done for me but I’m too busy enjoying how it feels so I’m going to stop now. Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose and more to gain than you think is possible

Charlotte Davey

Entire Life Is Changed


Thank you, Iona. You are amazing and have changed my life for the better. It's also a wonderful bonus how one path leads to another and before you know it your entire life is changed. Thank you from my whole heart.

‎Kristi Grywallgarington‎

Loved my sessions with Iona


I loved my sessions with Iona. A little apprehensive at first, as this was a completely new experience for me, she made me feel welcome, relaxed and completely at ease. I found out some things about myself, and have ended up feeling more accepting and aware. Thank you.

Emma O'Connor

Powerful and Motivating


Working with Iona, was both a powerful and motivating experience. Iona lays out a framework, encourages personal development and achievements. Truly enlightening!! I recommend contacting her to help you move towards your goals.

‎Cheryl Ann Delaney Weeks‎

A Calming Presence


Not only is KCR with Iona a great way to relax and realign your body, she is a great person with a calming presence who takes pride in the professionalism of her work. Whether you require assistance with physical, personal or professional issues, I would highly recommend reaching out to Iona, as helping others seems to be her natural gift!

Ben Fletcher

Wonky Neck!


I went to see Iona for some KCR. She was very good. Really lovely lady who made me feel very comfortable and helped to sort out my neck wonkiness. I Highly recommend Iona to anyone seeking balance in their lives.

Amy Louise Morgan

Back Pain


Iona was incredibly helpful following a lower back painting injury whereby I was unable to walk and sleep properly. She made space in her busy diary to accommodate me the same evening I called.And while it took several further weeks to fully recover, I was very grateful for that initial KCR session to relieve my stress and set my body in proper alignment to heal well. She has a reassuring no-nonsense manner which works well.

Roz Vidler

Shoulder Pain


Last year I had pretty much resigned myself to having a painful shoulder and restricted movement for the rest of my life. For 2 years I was in constant pain. Then I saw Iona for a kinetic chain release treatment. Immediately afterwards I felt a release but weirdly the other shoulder started to feel pain. This only lasted a day and then I was pain free. Almost a year later and I am still pain free and have full movement of my shoulder and arm. I would definitely recommend KCR to anyone with skeletomuscular difficulties. Thank you so much Iona! I can do handstands again! 🤸‍♀️X x

‎Lorena McLaughlin‎

Would Highly Recommend


Today I finished my final session with the lovely Iona Russell! Iona is a fantastic listener and has great tools to help get unstuck- this is exactly where I was ..stuck! Iona helped me to see things from a different perspective, see my worth and helped identify things In my life that were clearly still an issue to me! I would highly recommend Iona to anyone looking for a change in their lives to become the best version of themselvesThanks again Iona

Lisa McGowan

Highly recommend


Had the most brilliant⏳HYPNOTHERAPY⌛session today with Iona Russell I do feel that regarless of where you are in life its good to just check in to the subconcious a few times a year (bit like a check up with the Doctor or a spinal check with an Osteopath, or a fasting cleanse like Ive just done), give you brain a chance to fully switch off with the help of a professional and just clean out any residual shit that is sticking about, think of it a bit like knocking the barnicals off a boat🚣As a side, love how Iona and I have a very similar libary, look at this fab selection📚Highly recommend Iona for Life Coaching or Hypnotherapy, we all need a brain dump with a positive outcome.....going out on a Friday night, getting drunk and crying on your best friends shoulder is not so effective as the crap is still there the next morning🍸leaving the issues unresolved and you embarresed and fustrated with a soar head🤢Thank you Iona, I look forward to clearing away more cobwebs next week

Tara Inchbald


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